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So where to start?

How to Move Yourself Successfully So you have decided to move yourself, and not use a you are not going to hire local Dallas movers, you are going to do the full move yourself from packing to loading, to driving and unloading. Where should you begin, do you need to plan or just jump right into it? The more you plan, the easier and faster the move will be and here are the steps to follow: 1) The first step is to pack your items and get them ready to move. Packing and organizing will save you time and will prevent damages of the items. You are going to need boxes, tape, packing paper/bubble wrap and moving straps. You will also need moving pads to protect the furniture. Pack all loose items into boxes; be sure to use heavy duty boxes when packing glass. Do not pack glass in lightweight boxes. Label all fragile boxes as such and stack the fragile boxes on top of regular packed boxes. Mark the name of the room on the box for easier unloading. 2) Assuming you don't own your own moving truck, you will need to rent a truck, make sure you rent the right size truck. You don't want to run out of space, usually a 1 to 2 bedroom apt can fit on a 16 foot truck, a 3 bedroom on a 24 foot truck, and a 4 bedroom on a 26 foot truck. Make sure the truck has either a lift gate or a ramp, you also will need to make sure that the truck have the proper wood panel or E-tracks so you be able to strap down your load, if its wood panels you can get away with it using rope, and if its E-trucks you will need to get the proper straps. 3) Moving Equipment: You will need pads to protect the furniture, hand trucks and dollies as well as straps to secure the load inside the truck, you also going to need tape to wrap the moving pads on your furniture, and a marker will be helpful to mark on your boxes so you will know what in them and where to unload them 4) On moving day, hopefully you have everything packed and ready to go. Protect all your furniture with moving pads, secure the dresser drawers shut and remove all shelving from any bookcases or entertainment centers. Click here for preparation tips. Now you are ready to load. First you will want to load all heavy items and use them as a base for lighter items. For example, stand a dresser on its legs and on top you can load heavy boxes. On top of the heavy boxes you can load light boxes/breakables or chairs. Fill small openings with small items. Try to keep load lined up straight against the walls of the truck. Stack mattresses close to the load and use your moving straps to secure everything in. 5) While driving, try to avoid rough road and pot holes. Take your turns slowly and remember it takes longer to stop a truck then a car. After 10-15 miles stop and take a look inside the truck to make sure that is not movement. The more secure the load, the less of a chance there will be for damages. 6) Unloading should be faster and easier then loading. The first items to unload are the lighter ones that were loaded on top of the boxes. Try to avoid placing them on spaces that you will need to set up the furniture, such as beds and dressers. Avoid removing the pads of your items in the truck, move the item in the house and then remove the pads to avoid last minute scratches. Hope this helps and thank you for reading.
Choosing the right Fort Worth Movers

Moving is one of life's most stressful events. Not only are you moving from one place to another, but your whole life is changing.The right moving company can make your move smooth and stress-free, while the wrong moving company can make it a living nightmare.These steps will help you find the right crew for your move.

Moving licenses

Verify moving licenses. To do a local move, the mover must be licnesed by the Texas Department of Transportation license and a TXDOT number. To do an out of state move, the mover must be licensed with the US Department of Transportation and have a USDOT number.

Be a detective

Look everywhere for anything you can find about the company, not just on their website. Ask friends, search social media for complaints, see how they are rated on Yelp, Angie's List, and Every company will receive complaints, but the number of complaints is the most important part to consider.

Get an actual estimate

You should get at least 3-5 estimates from different companies to compare. The estimates should clearly explain the moving charges and what is included. It is important to have your inventory list included in the estimate. The estimates should be in writing for documentation purposes.

Be insured

Your mover is liable for your belongings during the move. Make sure you are offered an insurance plan or already have one so they will always be held accountable.

Ask questions

As you are going through the selection process, be sure to ask any questions you have. It is important to have a positive and trusting relationship with your mover. If a mover has hesitations about your questions or does not respond to your calls or emails, that should raise a red flag.