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Shipping & Receiving

One of our main services as a full service moving and storage company is shipping and receiving. Our shipping and receiving services have been created to offer businesses an affordable and professional delivery service solution with storage if needed.
Last Mile Delivery:
You can ship any non hazmat freight to our warehouse. They can be on skids, in boxes or loose items. We will ship them out on your requested delivery date. As part of our service we will schedule delivery dates and times with your customers, all with white glove service. We can also accommodate dock deliveries and ground deliveries using our fleet of trucks that are equipped with lift gates.

Cross Docking:
Cross docking service is when your company does not want to spend time receiving freight and would rather transfer the freight directly to one of our 26 foot trucks. We will complete the delivery service at your request.

Logistic Services:
If your company does not have a warehouse and are looking for an affordable storage and shipping solution, we can help. You can use our warehouse as your own storage space. We will inventory and tag each item and catalogue it for you. We will create a webpage to display your inventory from which you can access and instruct as to what item needs to be shipped and when. Also if you are looking for a dock height short term storage solution, you can drop off your freight an pick it up at a later date.

Our Contacts

Fort Worth Finest Movers
Telephone:(817) 764-3401
Email:[email protected]
Dallas Finest Movers
Telephone:(469) 237-3052
Houston Finest Movers
Telephone:(713) 481-7214